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Butler Law Firm is experienced in a wide range of legal issues including but not limited to the following practice areas:


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Construction Litigation


Construction projects can be complicated and can often lead to disputes and conflicting claims by multiple parties.


Butler Law Firm has extensive experience in resolving these type claims, which can arise before, during and after construction.


Whether employing litigation, mediation or arbitration, Butler Law Firm represents the clients’ best interests in achieving a prompt and fair resolution of these issues.

Workers' Compensation Defense

We understand that a claim becomes more expensive the longer it is open.


Butler Law Firm provides comprehensive services for national and regional insurers. 


Our services include risk management, litigation defense, resolution, and general claim management. 


Representative clients in this area include Hanover Insurance Group and St. John the Baptist Parish School Board.

Municipal Liability and Law Enforcement Liability Defense


Defense of local government entities is a primary practice area for Butler Law Firm. Over the years, we have provided representation to a number of local government clients including the City of New Orleans, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Louis Armstrong International Airport, Housing Authority of New Orleans, St. John the Baptist Parish and the Sheriff of St. John the Baptist Parish. In addition to litigation services in state and federal court, the attorneys in our firm provide advice and counsel to government entities on such issues as governmental ethics, civil service procedures, public procurement policies, and public records requests.

Legal Ethics & Professionalism

Most lawyers are ethical. Most lawyers strive to be professional. However, lawyers are human. They make mistakes which may cause harm to their clients.


The Rules of Professional Conduct and the Code of Professionalism allow lawyers to practice safely, successfully and honorably.  


Butler Law Firm is well-versed in the rules of legal ethics and the evolving regulations that govern the practice of law. When an attorney falls short of applicable professional or ethical standards and a complaint is filed, Butler Law Firm can help.

Civil Law


Butler Law Firm offers representation for all aspects of Civil Law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in litigating various civil law issues in state and federal courts.

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